Cool Silly iOS App! (for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPAD)

Thoughts 心情 — By: leeway on May 12, 2011

我們有自己的 iPhone App 嘍!
大家快到 iPhone 上的 App Store 下載
這張專輯有我們美麗又多才多藝的前團員劉軒蓁 Rayray 的參與
大家也要記得去她的粉絲團按讚支持哦 !

特別感謝Rayray的好友 Supreme Heaven ( 幫我們做了這麼棒的 app

在這裡免費下載! 或是在Apple App Store 尋找 “Cool Silly: The Prelude”

alright guys, I hope you’re as excited as I am. Introducing…the brand new 1st generation Cool Silly iOS APP! Available for a limited time for free, includes RSS feeds, and some never before seen videos and pictures! Android version will be released soon! Download yours today so you can be cool….silly like me! 😀 Thanks for the support people!

Also HUGE special thanks to our pal Warren Wang and his team for working day and night the past few months for getting this out. Supreme Heaven rock!

Download it here for free: or log on to the Apple App Store and search “Cool Silly: The Prelude”


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