About Cool Silly

Cool Silly is a Taiwanese-American mainstream pop duo consisting of producer/singer Tone (仲維軍) and rapper/actor Leeway(藍力威).  Renowned artist Tone (仲維軍) formed this band after releasing his first debut album titled “我的6:57am” (My 6:57 AM), and recruited his good friend Rapper/actor Leeway (藍力威) to form Cool Silly.  Cool Silly’s song ‘Fly’ is the official 2010 Taipei Flora International Exposition theme song. In late 2010, Cool Silly wrote and produced a song to reflect the beauty and hope of Taipei City, which later became the theme song of the heavily promoted MyWish campaign. The resulting tune, “Light Up Your Dreams”, was distributed as an EP single in Apple Weely Magazine and promoted on internet channels like Sina.com and Facebook. In 2011, because the band decided that Rayray’s musical style is more suitable on her own, Cool Silly became a duo consisting of Tone and Leeway. Rayray later on pursued music production with her own musical style.

Cool Silly wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cool_Silly

Cool Silly 是華語流行音樂風格的的二人組。 由製作人也是歌手的仲維軍(Tone) 以及饒舌歌手同時又是演員的藍力威(Leeway)組成。Cool Silly是由製作人也是歌手的仲維軍Tone 在2006年發行了個人專輯 “我的6:57am”之後成軍。同時招募了好友饒舌歌手/演員 藍力威Leeway。Cool Silly 的歌曲 ‘我飛’ 是 2010 臺北國際花卉博覽會的花博創作曲。Cool Silly 在2010年底的 My Wish『夢想製造機』活動,受邀寫了主題曲『夢想發光』並當起此活動代言人。清新正面的形象,以及為實現夢想努力打拼的真實故事,引發了盛大迴響。單曲在11月3號正式發行,同時也在新浪網,臉書,及壹週刊上宣傳,傳達了台北市這個美麗前衛城市的”好”在哪裡。這 首歌一發行即索取一空,繼花博創作冠軍曲『我飛』之後,又是一首人人傳唱的Cool Silly招牌歌。三人在經過討論之後,覺得應該各自發展更適合自己的音樂風格,於是與 Ray 分開。此後 Cool Silly 成為兩人團體, Tone 和 Leeway 。雖然在音樂風格上分開,但是 Ray 仍在 Cool Silly 占有重要的地位,依然和 Cool Silly 有著密切的合作。

Cool Silly wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cool_Silly

Tone started producing music at the tender age of 12.  He took a job as a dishwasher in order to make enough money to buy his first mixer and electric guitar.  By high school, he was already producing music at a professional level and was widely accepted by his peers as a “rock genius” on the guitar and studio production.

Tone released his debut album in 2006, titled “我的 6:57 AM” during his senior year at San Jose State University, where he attended on a full scholarship majoring in Electrical Engineering.  Following his release, he was cast as the lead in the movie “Binary City”, an independent film that premiered in the United States later that year.  Several music videos had scenes from the movie that gave Tone the image of an upcoming superstar that looks and acts like the famous actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, which brought exposure for Tone during the release of his album in Asia.

對音樂充滿興趣的仲維軍在年僅12歲就開始了音樂製作生涯。少年期時, 偷偷背著父母去兼工當洗碗工,只是為了存錢買混音機與電子吉他。 到了高中時期, 已經達到專業音樂製作人水準,並且在業界裡被視為“搖滾天才”。

仲維軍早在 2006年就已發佈了個人首張專輯“我的 6:57 AM”。 接著就被選為擔任 “Binary City” 電影中的主角。 同年, 這部電影在美國就上映了,也在許多MV裡收入了這部電影的片段而小有名氣。

Leeway started playing violin at the age of 9, and quickly became one of the top violinists in his school district when he was in high school.  He first tasted success when he won silver representing USA in a teenage world violin competition in Shanghai, China in the summer of 1996.  During an interview, his teacher branded him the “Mozart of his peers”, mainly due to his quirky personality and never taking anything too seriously, as did Mozart in his days.  At that time, Leeway started rapping in high school, his peers were attracted his use of satirical lyrics to poke fun at teachers he disliked.

After his graduation from California State University, Fullerton, Leeway was accepted into Western State University, School of Law.  As a gift, his father allowed him to visit Taiwan prior to the start of his graduate training.  However, during his vacation Leeway was offered a contract in Asian entertainment, and ended up committing to a career in Asia.

Leeway started out as a model and commercial actor in 2006, and worked as a jazz violinist for wedding events. He later landed several leads in commercials, and in 2009 landed a cameo on megastar singer/director David Tao’s new romantic musical: “暗戀 Secret Love”.   While his acting career looked promising, Leeway still felt music was the passion of his life and focused most of his attention to that end.

藍力威九歲就開始與小提琴緣份。1996年高中時曾代表美國到大陸比賽,並得到亞軍的殊榮。 他的指導老師常形容力威就像 “Mozart of his peers”, 因為他總在練琴的時候像長不大的頑童, 但卻又有極佳的天分。 就像以前的 Mozart 一樣。充滿表演慾望的力威在高中時就經常在學校表演饒舌, 幽默歌詞在當時就已經相當受到矚目。

藍力威在 2007 年意外的竟再在廣告界開始了演藝之路。 直到 2009 年在陶喆音樂電影“暗戀“裡演的配角, 很多導演開始注意力威在演藝界的表現,意外的偏向了演員演藝定位。雖然如此, 他心裡深處熱愛的還是音樂, 並且把他自己額外的時間儘量的投入在音樂的上面,希望當投入演員的工作之外,也能繼續精進他所熱愛的音樂