“Light Up Your Dreams” Lyrics「夢想發光」歌詞 (English + 中文)

Music and Lyrics 音樂與歌詞分享 — By: coolsilly on November 3, 2010

verse 1:
Sometimes the road to our dreams can be long and far
也會有需要再呼吸的感覺 (不放棄向前我)
And you need some room to breathe
(Don’t give up, keep pushing forward)

牽手 一起走 never let go!
Take my hand, let’s go together, never let go!
勇敢 不回頭 加 油 油 油!
Be brave, don’t look back, push forward!
不怕 改變迎 接 tomorrow!
Don’t be afraid of change, welcome tomorrow!
夢想 會發光 跟著節奏!
Your dream will light up, follow the music!

我想 要清楚的看見
I want to see clearly
最後目標 在哪一邊
Where my destiny will be
我追夢就 敢追的直接
I can then chase my dreams full throttle
絕不回頭 跑向終點
Never will I look back, I’m running towards my destiny

我想 要清楚的看見
I want to see clearly
I hope to face reality and stay positive
我走了好久 終於 了解
After running so far, I finally realized
Love and hope has been with me all along

verse 2:
Will that day arrive when…
向遠方展開翅膀飛的很遠 (不放棄向前我)
We can open our wings and fly as far as we wish
(Don’t give up, keep pushing forward)

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