Greetings from L.Dub

Thoughts 心情 — By: leeway on October 11, 2009

Hello all! I am so excited for the start of the Cool Silly project, or as I’d like to call it…the Cool Silly MOVEMENT!  Visit us often into a world of silly nonsense and non stop lyrical jokes in our music, and don’t forget to come join us at our live performances! We look forward to meeting each and one of you…especially if you hot 😀

大家好!我好興奮 “傻酷團體“ 終於要開始了!記得要常來看我們的部落隔喔 我會常常寫些生活上有趣的經驗 也希望我們在現場表演的時候能夠看到妳們每一位!尤其如果妳是辣妹!哈哈

-力威 L.Dub