Cool Silly 為了12/29 河岸留言演出而練團的感觸

Thoughts 心情 — By: tone on December 19, 2009

今天是我們首次為12/29/09河岸留言演出而練團。因為我們太習慣在我的房間裡錄歌/寫歌/唱歌,所以終於有機會在練團室裡面現場唱歌就產生出了一種非常…妙的感覺。當然有了Angus的bass與Lee的鼓也幫助帶出一種新鮮的Cool Silly味道。今天也是我第一次用TC Helicon VoiceTone Synth器材來呈現在許多Cool Silly歌曲裡出現的 ‘電子歌聲’ 的效果(也算是Cool Silly其中的一個特色)。





Today was our first official practice session for our show at Riverside Live House on 12/29/09. Because we are so used to writing / recording/ singing our songs in the studio, it was truly a surreal feeling to finally sing our songs live with our good friends Angus on bass and Lee on drums (even though it was just in a practice room lol). It was also the first time I used the TC Helicon VoiceTone Synth box to produce the electronic voice effect that shows up in so many of our songs (one of Cool Silly’s signature sounds).

It’s hard to put into words the energy and special magical feeling of singing and performing these songs in a live environment.

Bottom line: come on 12/29/09 to witness this magical feeling…


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