Thoughts 心情 — By: leeway on March 24, 2011

In the midst of ALL these great Asians having success stories all over the world…we thought we can honor this year’s Asian Heritage month by making a song to pay tribute to all those that had to jump through hurdles and work their way into a Cinderella story. Here it is guys…our very own anthem: “Yellow Fever”.

我們慢慢的看到越來越多偉大的亞洲人擁有許多的成功故事在世界各地…我認為在今年的 Asian Heritage Month應該要有一首特別的歌曲,所以我們就寫了這首 “Yellow Fever”, 意思就是說全世界都愛上亞洲人~ 希望大家會喜歡!

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