Cool Silly’s Special Debut Concert @ 河岸留言

Events 活動演出 — By: rayray on November 19, 2009

更新12/10: 12/29/09 — 8:30PM進場 / 9:00PM開場
更新11/30: 現在就可以線上購買我們Cool Silly 12/29在河岸留言的演唱會票

  • 日期: 12/29/2009
  • 時間: 8:30PM進場 / 9:00PM開場
  • 地點: Riverside Live House, 河岸留言

哈囉! 大家好~ Cool Silly 精心籌備了一場音樂盛宴

將在公館的河岸留言呈現給我們所有的歌迷朋友們 😀



請大家空出12月29號 (二) 在這即將跨入2010年的前夕

一起跟我們跨出Cool Silly的未來!

晚上八點 準時開唱 等你來!!

Facebook 活動網頁

Update 12/10: 12/29/09 — 8:30PM Doors Open / 9:00PM Performance
Update 11/30: You can now purchase tickets for our 12/29 concert at Riverside Live House online here!

  • Date: 12/29/2009
  • Time: 8:30PM Doors Open / 9:00PM Performance
  • Location: Riverside Live House, 河岸留言

Hello! Cool Silly has started preparing a musical feast for all of our fans, friends, and family at Riverside Live House!

All the songs are specially arranged for an unplugged environment, including songs that you haven’t heard before!

So please make December 29 (Tuesday) available and come join us on this special night. Let’s take the leap into a brand new year together!

Facebook Event Page


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2009臺北大稻埕煙火節, 超級high, 十萬民眾!!

Events 活動演出 — By: coolsilly on November 9, 2009

上禮拜六的臺北大稻埕煙火節好棒喔! 當天有超級多人在現場,聽說有超過十萬人數!雖然我們表演之前有點緊張,可是一上台之後就超級high!我們真的非常高興可以在2009臺北大稻埕煙火節表演!

請看樓下的照片喔!在這裡特別感謝Andreas Hsiao與Steve Chang幫我們照相!

The Taipei Fireworks Festival on Saturday was great!  There were SOOO many people there, over 100,000 people attended according to the Taiwan news!  Although we were a bit nervous performing in front of so many people, we still had a blast singing ‘Fly’ as part of this festival!

Photos below!  Special thanks to Andreas Hsiao and Steve Chang for the photos!


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Cool Silly #1!!!!!!

Thoughts 心情 — By: leeway on November 4, 2009

CORRECTION:  我們從亞軍變冠軍喔!!今天早上全台民眾歌曲比賽的製作單位打給我們跟我們說…他們討論的很久很久…最後決定 Cool Silly 的 “我飛“ 才是今年國際花博覽會需要的主題曲!!所以我們變冠軍摟!

Cool Silly 將會是 2010 台北國際花博覽會的代言人, 再加上 EP 今年底會發出喔!期待在舞台跟每一位朋友見面!

樓下有我們10/30/2009在華納威秀演出的影片,特別感謝Annie Wu與Jane Fu幫我們拍了這些影片!

CORRECTION: Due to conflicts between the judges and sponsors of the 全台灣名眾歌曲創作比賽…we just got word that OUR SONG is #1 afterall! You heard it right! Cool Silly #1 in the country!! “我飛” is now officially the theme song for the 2010 International Floral Expo, 2009 Taipei Fireworks Ceremony, AND the EP will be released later this year! Thanks for all the support!!!

Below is a video of our performance at Warner Village on 10/30/2009, special thanks to Annie Wu and Jane Fu for capturing this awesome video footage!!

Download video for iPod / iPhone

(Right-click and ‘Save target as…’)

~Cool Silly

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Cool Silly will be performing at the 2009台北大稻埕煙火節

Events 活動演出 — By: leeway on November 2, 2009

謝謝大家上禮拜五的支持!是因為您們的支持我們才能得到全國名眾創作歌曲比賽的亞軍!同時我們也被台北市政府邀請在 11/7 的台北大稻埕煙火節演出表演!我們會唱得到冠軍的 “我飛“!請邀請朋友或親友們來一同參加!

Saturday, November 7, 2009
時間: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
地點: 大稻埕碼頭 四號水門主舞台 (南京西路與環河北路交叉口)

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for coming out on 10/30! Your love and your support gave us #1 in the country!  It is YOU that made Cool Silly happen!  Because we won 1st place, we’re invited by the Taipei Government to the annual national fireworks ceremony, held on Nov.7 2009 (台北大稻埕煙火節), from 6:30pm till 9:30pm.  We’ll be performing along side a few superstars such as 張智成 and many more, so don’t miss out on this awesome event!

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: 大稻埕碼頭 四號水門主舞台 (南京西路與環河北路交叉口)

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