(宣傳照) Photoshoot 10-25 by Designer Annie Wu & Photographer Chie Young

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I have to say…Annie Wu is by far one of the most distinguished, clever, sophisticated and talented designer and friend I’ve ever met!  Partner her up with our buddy photographer Chie Young and we’ve got ourselves a top notch photoshoot session!  We arrived at Annie Wu’s studio early Sunday afternoon, and went through a few of her black leather collection.  Hair/makeup by Queena & Annie awhile later, and soon enough! We’re ready to shoot!

Check out some behind the scenes photos below!  Finished photos will be placed under the “Photo” tab within a week, so check back soon!

我說真的.. Annie Wu 是我見過最有想法, 氣質, 跟最有才華的設計師! 把她跟我們拍照厲害的朋友 Chie 放在一起…就有了超專業的宣傳照說!雖然禮拜天下午拍了七八個小時有點累但是真的很有成就感!下面給大家分享 Behind the scenes 的情況吧!

~ L.Dub

Cool Silly 萬聖節演出!

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Come check out our Halloween unplugged performance at LiLi Cafe Bar in Tianmu this Saturday night!  Details here:

Come have a coffee, relax, and enjoy some Cool Silly live! :)



Top 10, 我們進入了總決賽!

Events 活動演出 — By: tone on October 18, 2009

Special thanks to Michael Wu for the photos!!!

我們進入了前十名了! 禮拜五的表演又好玩又刺激!而且我感覺非常榮幸可以演唱我們的創作給小宇聽,因為我很欣賞他的創作作品。 當天也看到了許多充滿才華的創作者!  複賽總共有25個參賽者,我們真的非常高興,非常珍惜能夠進入總決賽。

想要在這裡特別感謝當天有來到現場的朋友們:Mason, Jane, Michelle (your posters were phenomenal!!!), Lesley, Lee, Jim/Michael, and Levana,你們讓我們超級感動的!

真的希望大家可以來到總決賽幫我們打氣!  我們需要你們的支持!  活動會在臺北市信義威秀中庭廣場:

  • 日期: 10/30/2009
  • 時間: 6:30PM
  • 地點: 臺北市信義威秀中庭廣場,在市政府捷運站旁邊


更正: Cool Silly 首次在亞洲新聞出現!


We’re in the Top 10!!!  Friday’s performance was so fun and exciting!  It was an honor to perform in front of one of my favorite Mandarin pop artists, Xiao Yu, and to receive his approval and praise.  It was also great to see so many other talented artists perform that day!  There were a total of 25 acts that competed that day, we are so honored and excited to make it to the final round.

Special thanks to Mason, Jane, Michelle (your posters were phenomenal!!!), Lesley, Lee, Jim/Michael, and Levana for coming to support us on Friday!!!  We are so blessed to have such supportive friends.

We hope you can all come out and support us in the final competition!!!  It will be at Warner Village in Taipei!  Here are the details:

  • Date: 10/30/2009
  • Time: 6:30PM
  • Location: Warner Village, right next to Taipei City Hall MRT Station

Please come out and invite your friends too!  We need your support!!!

If you use Facebook, here is the event page:


Update: We made headlines in Asian news!




歌曲創作比賽!傻酷 feat. Ray Liu 進了複賽!

Events 活動演出 — By: leeway on October 14, 2009

傻酷 CoolSilly feat. Ray Liu!

傻酷 feat. Ray Liu 進了歌曲創作複賽!現場錄影是這禮拜五中午12:30pm 在  Y17臺北市青少年育樂中心 (台北市仁愛路一段17號3樓).   我們是第二組上喔!所以請準時到現場!謝謝您們的支持, 我們會努力給我們最好的表演!在這聽到的歌就是我們要表演的歌~ 審判為: 小宇, 星光大道的小胖&黃韻玲, 莫凡 and 吳建恆.  希望看到您們每一位!

日期: 10/16/2009
時間: 12:30PM
地點: Y17臺北市青少年育樂中心 (台北市仁愛路一段17號3樓).

Our band, Cool Silly (www.coolsilly.com) featuring Ray Liu has just got notification that we qualified for the 2nd round of one of the largest song writing contest in Asia! It’s being judged by singer 小宇, 星光大道的小胖&黃韻玲, 莫凡 and 吳建恆. It’s happening this Friday 10/16, just two days away! Sorry for the late notification as we just got word!  The song you hear on this page is the song we’re peforming!

We’ll need to perform the song we wrote live this Friday , details:

Date: 10/16/2009
Time: 12:30PM
Location: Y17臺北市青少年育樂中心 (台北市仁愛路一段17號3樓).


We’re the 2nd group that will be performing so please try to be on time. The taping starts at 12:30pm on 10/16. I really really hope to see all of you in the audience as I’m sure I’ll be peeing in my pants for support!! 😛

love always,

L.Dub 力威

宣傳照 Photoshoot 2009

Thoughts 心情 — By: leeway on October 13, 2009

今天好累啊!傻酷團體今天照了一整天的宣傳照, 不過結束之後看照片感覺真不錯, 很有成就感說.   攝影師還剛好是我們的好朋友 chie, 他真厲害 好會抓照片需要的感覺~~ 不過有些照片笑死我了, 我看起來好白癡 撲哈哈哈 希望photoshop 過之後可以讓我的笨表情看起來比較帥一點, 挖哈哈哈  anyways, 不多說摟下面 po 一些 還沒 photoshop 的 raw 檔案給大家分享 謝謝! 😀

man it’s been a long day!  Cool Silly had our first photoshoot today for this year, and we’ll be using these photos for this website and some promotional outings (concerts, performances, etc.)  The photographer also just happens to be our buddy Chie, who I must say is extremely talented and really knows how to capture the right feel of all the scenes.  However…I must say I really do look like an idiot in a few of the photos…I hope after photoshop it’ll turn out much better 😛  check out just a few raw files below!

-力威 L.Dub

photos by Chie Young:

河岸留言 (公館店)

Events 活動演出 — By: leeway on October 12, 2009

今天晚上的表演真是high啊!我們劉軒蓁 RayRay 唱的不錯喔!好開心有幾位好朋友來捧場 也幫我們拍了幾張照片與影片~喝 謝啦 chie 跟 mason 😀  雖然今晚不是整個 set, 而是個 open jam, 台下的朋友們還是滿支持我們的表演!上台表演之前喝幾杯酒還蠻不錯的說….完全不緊張 哈!上去就給他high下去!結束後我們搖搖的下台去 撲哈哈 😛  影片很快就會上傳給大家聽聽現場表演的感覺!謝謝您們每一個人的支持!

The energy tonight at Riverside cafe was amazing!  RayRay sang fantastic as always, and thanks so much for a few of our friends that came to support this open jam!  We’ll definately sent out a formal invite when the full set will be performed, lets make it a packed full house then!!  A couple a beers before our jam is perfect to ease the nervousness, haha.  Thanks again for your support!

love always~


Performing with RayRay tonight

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leeway and i will be performing with RayRay tonight at 河岸留言, come out!



– Tone

Greetings from L.Dub

Thoughts 心情 — By: leeway on October 11, 2009

Hello all! I am so excited for the start of the Cool Silly project, or as I’d like to call it…the Cool Silly MOVEMENT!  Visit us often into a world of silly nonsense and non stop lyrical jokes in our music, and don’t forget to come join us at our live performances! We look forward to meeting each and one of you…especially if you hot 😀

大家好!我好興奮 “傻酷團體“ 終於要開始了!記得要常來看我們的部落隔喔 我會常常寫些生活上有趣的經驗 也希望我們在現場表演的時候能夠看到妳們每一位!尤其如果妳是辣妹!哈哈

-力威 L.Dub

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